I have always loved rocks. As a small boy I was an avid collector of fossils and minerals.  I began to take a serious interest in gem stones while traveling to Nepal. I looked for ancient Tibetan turquoise beads and was  captivated by the talismanic properties of those beautiful stones.  In search of knowledge I studied gemology and began to visit the great gem markets of India in Mumbai and Jaipur. I have no formal training in jewellery  but work with some very skilled craftsmen and over a number of years came to understand the language of jewellery.  I frequently go on gem hunting trips and love the sense of anticipation these trips bring.

I don’t apply  conventional gem stone hierarchy when selecting jewels. I will often buy jewels with natural inclusions which might be overlooked in the trade but have great beauty and charm.  I am especially interested in Indian diamonds which are cut in ways that have long since disappeared in Europe.  I also love the romance of coloured stones such as Burmese spinels, sapphires and Colombian emeralds.  Antique stones are a great source of inspiration.  Many of the stones I use are simply cut and close to their natural origins in the earth.  My designs focus on simple and elegant use of these beautiful stones with minimal use of gold and platinum.  All my work is hand made in English workshops with an emphasis on craftsmanship.

I frequently work to commission which is a fun process and can lead to extraordinary results.  I  like my jewellery to be relaxed, contemporary and wearable.

Film and Photography By Matthew Donaldson

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